The barcode stickers come to our office from printing studio yesterday, but the lines looks not very sharp as usual. Most of merchandiser thought it’s caused by low revolution, no difference on the use. As same as our printing studio’s explain.

After magnifying the barcode, we find the blurry view is caused by the jag on the light, not low revolution, but our printing studio still insist the barcode ok on reading.

You may aware that the barcode works on the gauge between black and white line. After hundreds testing with different angel and different distance, we found the barcode works correctly when you scan it on the front of it. But the result rarely comes a wrong number when we scan it in some strange angel.

Surely this batch sticker is rejected, and we put this issue in our QA memory to remind every merchandiser. The cost control not only in bargaining with supplier, but also the QA system to avoid extra cost.