Project Description

Dsc.:Kubb Throwing Yard Games
Package:Color Box/Mail Box/PDQ
User age:6+
Manufacturer Audit:BSCI/ISO
Sales for:E-commerce, Shopping Mall, Discount Stores, Retailers
  • Beautifully crafted kubb set made with durable, eco-friendly, shock-absorbent hardwood
  • Comes with durable zip-up tote bag
  • Great yard games for parties, BBQs, camping or just a nice day in the sun
  • Team game involving strategy and skill
  • Perfect for all ages and getting everyone outside and active!

How do you play Kubb?

-Each team alternates throwing batons across the field at the opposing teams kubbs .

-The kubbs that are knocked over get thrown to your side and become defensive kubbs for you .

-The other team must knock over the defensive kubbs before they can attack your baseline kubbs .

-Once you have knocked over all your opponent’s kubbs,than you can go for the king .

-The first team to konck over the king wings !

-If you knock the king over before taking out all the opponent’s kubbs,then it is an automatic loss .